The guard changes, and with it, the tweets, Jan. 8–15


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Editor’s observe

Armed Nationwide Guardsmen are increase concentric perimeters of black barricades across the U.S. Capitol and its entire neighborhood of federal buildings in preparation for the Biden inauguration and protests towards it on Wednesday. Which evokes some déjà vu, whether or not to final week or final summer time.

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As a lot as historical past is claimed to repeat itself, the current day appears to be caught by itself loop. Bear in mind how final week’s Regulation Decoded was largely concerning the handover of presidential energy within the U.S.? That is additionally going to be about that. Apologies; I too hope that this stops dominating information.

In the identical vein, at the moment’s main tales are going to characteristic a forged of characters eerily much like final week’s. If it’s any assist, their main position in at the moment’s plot is that they’re all about to alter.